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Fri, Oct 09, 2015

New WA Alliance

New WA Alliance

John LaNunziata
            It looks like Wyoming Area School Director John LaNunziata is gaining the support and confidence of citizen advocate and West Pittston resident John Disanferdinand.
            Reports have it that both have been seen hobnobbing at local water holes shaking hands and sometimes even embracing one another.
            Its obvious election is right around the corner and LaNunziata sees John D can deliver a considerable large block of votes for him on the west side.
Member Opinions:
By: WestSideVic on 9/27/08

By: vince on 9/29/08
With all the letter writing he does, seems like Dianferdinand has alot of time on his hands. Maybe we'll see him managing Lanuziata's campaign.

By: Warrior_Pride on 10/1/08
Goodness me! I hope this isn't going to be a website where we resort to pot shots & low blows. But by the looks of it, that's where we're heading. I for one enjoy Disanferdinand's letters. I think there are some people out there who might tend to disagree with me, simple reason being they want us to be silent. Crazy as it may sound, a guy like Disanferdinand should run. Some people need to be exposed, & I think this guy does a good job of it. As for this new website, I find it interesting. Valenti just needs to make sure he gets his spelling right. If you're gonna take a shot at someone for 1 of your friends, make sure you spell their name right. FWIW it's Lanunziata, not Lanuziata, LOL!

By: JValenti on 10/1/08
Please note: This post has been edited for content.
By: Steve-O responding to:
I think JD should be Lanunziata's running mate instead of his campaign manager. With all JD's connections, it should be a lock.

By: JValenti on 10/1/08
To: Warrior Pride
Thank you for pointing out the mis-spelling.

By: Steve-O on 10/1/08
Time will tell if Disanferdinand can help his friend and deliver more than letters. He should put his money where his mouth is and throw his hat in the ring.

By: JValenti on 10/1/08
Please note: This post has been edited for content.

By: WP_Citizen
Perhaps JD can get all those who signed his petition to vote for Mr. L

By: Warrior_Pride on 10/1/08
If I'm not mistaken, Disanferdinand is not a public figure. Veiled attacks on his character suggest hidden motivation. I would bet that the author of the edited post is closely alligned with individuals Disanferdinand has opposed or written about. Our Wyoming Area is a hot bed. Heaven knows, the "good character people" we have elected have led us down the wrong path. Look at West Pittston for example. Someone should stand behind Disanferdinand, & I'm saying that in all seriousness. He's done a great deal with hardly any allies/"connections", from what I hear. Maybe the guy we would least expect to make a difference would end up making the greatest one of all.

By: WP_Citizen on 10/2/08
No, just like my nickname states, I'm just an ordinary WP citizen not remotely involved in politics or "aligned" with anyone. I'm assuming my post was edited because I was heavy on the sarcasm.

By: 10thStreet on 10/2/08
He would be a great school director. i talked to him at nardone's restaurant about sports and politics. the guy was as sharp as a tack.

By: WP_Citizen on 10/4/08
10th Street:
Then he's over-qualified! In all serious, however, I've heard some of the current school board members speak at events at the school and I was truly embarrassed for them
on their speaking abilities. If Mr. D knows sports and politics....he's a shoe-in.

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