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Fri, Oct 09, 2015

PA Board Team overflows West Side Club

PA Board Team overflows West Side Club

Jim Guasto and his two children Bella and Luca

It’s a good thing Tony Rostock wasn’t at “Your School Board Team’s” rally this past week.

Because Rostock, who broke the news last week that there wasn’t any Easter Bunny, would have been shocked to see the Easter Bunny hopping his way thought the crowd Saturday night.

“The residents of Pittston Area finally have the opportunity to do the right thing and rid Tony Rostock, with his apparent heir Joe Oliveri out of our district,”  board member and candidate Bob Linskey told a crowd of 175 to 200.”

Linskey also took a shot at his former running mate and majority member, John Adonizio, saying, “Most times I’m proud to be a Pittston Area School Board member.  However, when one board member pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, the current majority did nothing about it.”

Sitting director and candidate Kent Bratlee did not sit idle as well taking exception with the majority’s handling of the proposed pre-employment drug screening.

“I proposed pre-employment drug screening and the majority voted it down,” Bratlee said.  “We then had Carmen Ambrosino present at our last meeting, the majority still wasn’t happy.”

When it was Ross Latona’s turn to say something he was not shy either.

“I was asked to run with the other ticket,” Latona said.  “However, I wanted to run with men of character.”

Celeste & Larry Grassi

Charles Epertto, Joe LoBrutto & Sam Montagna

Matt & Virginia Szumski; Tessie & Seth Toole and Dini Mozeleski

Terry & Amber Beseda and Steve Farruggia

Theresa Ryzner along withThomas & Joyce Ksiezopolski

Tonya & Dave Bartuska


Member Opinions:
By: housewife on 3/22/09
Nice crowd. I wish them luck in May they seem like sincere gentleman.

By: PTCOALCRAKERS on 3/22/09
I would like to thank the candidates for putting such a nice rally together. It was nice to see all the other candidates that attended, watching them work their magic. I just have one request for Mr. Lampman. Please at your next function let Mr.Rome say a few words. I was looking forward to hear him speak I enjoy his articulate manner.

By: robert on 3/22/09
You got it PTCOALCRAKER, Tom Rome will be our official MC from now on. :)

By: traveler on 3/22/09
The Easter Bunny is alive and well. Didn;t Tony Rostock say other wise. I think this was great. Nice touch and funny as well. I guess Tony Rostock is eating some carrots right now. Good luck to the School Board Team, from what I heard each candidate had the change to speak to the crowd and did a great job. Good luck = Gentleman

By: Mspatman on 3/22/09
Have to admit, the Easter Bunny was an excellent idea. Just make sure your ears don't bend when you lie, and watch out for Ol' Irontail! Ideas like this win elections. In addition, your signs are up and some are even lit up at night. You certinally have your acts together....

By: jonQpublic on 3/23/09
As I previously stated I wanted to be fair to both teams and attend both "teams" events to make a more accurate decision. It was even close--The Oliveri Gang win my vote HANDS DOWN

Just a few comments:

175-200??? Are you kidding me.?? I have been there after Golf Tournaments, First Communion Parties, etc, and you would STRUGGLE to get 150 in at best. Take off about 30 who were POLITICIANS running for office and you have a more accurate picture of how many was there!!

The people who were present...well the picture didnt really do it justice...I expected the John and Camille Poli, the Gattos, the Bartuskas. A few surprises..Mark Kowalczyk whom I saw at a few Progress Team events, Trina Moss, who said she wasnt supporting or campaigning for either team, no doubt this group will win a 100 or so votes from Hughestown...Hughestown was the rally!

The speeches were accusatory and down right NEGATIVE. Some highlights...I love Bob Linskey ripping up John Adonizio and his situation, John Adonizio is a SITTING SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER. Why Linskey felt the need to reopen closed wounds is beyond me.

Bob Lampman's diatribe was incoherent psycho babble. If you wanted to know the weak sister of this ticket LOOK NO FURTHER.

Kent Bratlee was the only guy who made sense. I think he is an articulate , likable guy with strong work ethic.

Ross Latona, everything was going great I think until he said some story about the other team not having character. It appeared to me that a man of his advanced education and being a LOCAL BUSINESSMAN should not be hurling such comments.

I like the idea of an AD BARRAGE and over it seems as if Oliveri and family getting jobs is going to be a staple of their barrage.

I drove around Sunday ALL DAY and either people are waiting to put signs up , or they took them to appease the masses...I counted 10 total! PS signs dont vote!

Have a great day,

By: housewife on 3/23/09
My sister and her husband attented the rally because they were not sure who to vote for. They attended the "Oliveri Rally" last week also. My sister told me that she came out of the "Linskey/Lampman/Bratlee/Latona" rally with a good feeling. And that there were none of the "old Pittston" Politics in the room. And no Tony Rostock and friends. The people that are looking for something or the people that owe something. She said that the speeches were direct and to the point. And each candidate made sure they meet everyone in the room. I did not ask here who she is voting for but she did say she is looking forward to the debate between Linskey and Oliveri.

By: robert on 3/23/09
We "Your School Board Team" would like to thank everyone that attended our rally. Especailly everyone that made donations and gave their time to make this a great event. We will be announcing our next rally in a few days. Stay tuned for time and place.

Bob Lampman
Pittston Twp

By: PittstonMan on 3/23/09
Housewife - you say that the speeches were "direct and to the point" but directed at whom and to what point. I'll answer my own question; they were directed at insulting the current majority with the point of tearing them down. Your team has no new ideas and are running a smear campiagn.

By: BibleB on 3/23/09
Let me emphasise that Tom Rome is a tremendous boast to this political team.
Tom Rome should speak at your next political event. Tom Rome has an articulate manner, he is aggresive in the sense he wants justice implemented, and not manipulation in hiring and the treating of employees of the Pittston Area School District. Does Tom have a weakness? Yes, he must be educated in the operation of a Chain Saw. Ask Police Chief Steve Goyla and he will totally agree with me. If there were a lot of Tom Rome's in this world, it would be a better world to live in.
I am making an attempt to teach Tom Rome the Book of Ecclesiastes which has a powerful message for our selfish and materialistic age. The Book of Ecclesiastes teaches that great accomplishments, such as excessive wealth and earthly possessions do not bring lasting hapiness. True hapiness comes from serving God and following God's will for our lives which will lead us to eternal life.
(Ecclesiastes 9:18) states, Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good.

By: housewife on 3/23/09
Hey Pittston man. It is called campaiging. It is not a smear campaign with someone tells the facts. I have listened to alot of campaiging over the years and this one is no different than the others. Your team is obliviously the Oliver team (nothing wrong with that) but when you state the facts and the truth you people cannot handle it. I consider myself the middle of the road. If I see someone steping out of line then i voice my opinion. Last week Mr. Politics himself was given permission to speak at Oliveri's rally and talk about Bob Linskey. I didn;t hear you cry foul then. From what I hear there were NO INSULTS thrown by Latona, Lampman, Bratlee or Linskey, just plain old facts. Like the they say in the movies "YOU CAN;T HANDLE THE TRUTH"

By: traveler on 3/23/09
jonQpublic, you drove around all day looking for campaign signs? Boy you have a lot of time on your hands. I would say you are actually scared of this ticket. How many Progress signs have you seen - 0 - . No signs don;t vote but the people that have the signs in their yards DO. I think you will be disappointed come MAY 19 th.

By: jonQpublic on 3/24/09
Traveler, I didnt say I drove around looking for signs...I said I drove around. I had my grandkids to parties, frozen ropes, breakfast etc etc etc. Ten signs = 20 votes! OOOOOO Im scared!

By: housewife on 3/24/09
jonQpublic, i think I saw you driving around counting political signs. How is the count going. I am sure you have to report back to the "Progress Team on this" and if you have some time can you stop over and clean my house?

By: unbelievable on 3/24/09
Housewife...here are some FACTS:

1) FACT-Campaign issues are campaign issues. Slanderous remarks about men on the board of education are slimey!

2) FACT-Tony Rostock spoke facts about Bob Linskey and his attaining a job through political expediance!

3) FACT-Three of Four candidates had children or they themselves did not attend public school. Being a taxpayer only gets you so much in this life! Being committed to public education and living it COUNTS!! Mr Linskey, Mr Lampman, and Mr Latona only knew about public school when they were driving their kids and themselves to private institutes of higher learning!

4) FACT- the truth will be however you want to see it! When Dr Ross Latona circumvents the fact and eludes that the Progress team are men that dont have any character...thats an insult.

The Fact is this is how I see it ...The only one with a snowballs chance on that ticket was Latona, but now I am definitely leaning towards Bratlee.

After last weeks Progress Committee meeting, I am sure on one thing, some of the facts about jobs and back door deals, hiring etc will suprise the masses! Cant wait

By: PittstonMan on 3/24/09
Housewife as long as we are bringing up movie quotes here's one from you - "Stupid is as stupid does!" - Forest Gump.

By: dmane2009 on 3/24/09
Unbelievable, love your third fact. I had posted on another article before regarding the same issue, but was never posted. I am glad that it got out somehow that most of these guys don't know what it is like to be in a public school.

By: PTCOALCRAKERS on 3/24/09

By: housewife on 3/24/09
PTCOALCRAKER, are you talking about the Progress Teams guest speaker. How come Tony Rostock does not wear all that Berwick Football clothes he boought.

By: callitaspade on 3/24/09
Unbelievable: Just for the record- Fact The Prez had T. Rome put on night shift. And I don't mean OBAMA. Smells political to me. Oh you don't believe in the Easter Bunny!

By: PittstonMan on 3/24/09
Housewife it is very interesting that Tony Rostock does not wear all "THAT" Berwick Football clothes he "BOOGHT".


By: BibleB on 3/25/09
Political expediency is doing what is right for a certain political party, not what is right and just. Examples--The National Democratic Party support of abortion--
embryonic stem cell research--same-sex etc. The National Republican Party support of unbridled and exploitative capitalism which undermines the dignity of the human person, where profit comes first and family values come second. Bob Linskey is a decent human being, and good school director.
Bob Linskey speaks up more for fiscal integrity than any other school director in the Pittston Area School District.
Unbelievable your actions prove that your an immoral gutless individual without no fortitude. As Walter Griffith stated in his political add--By their works you shall no them. Look at your actions--your hidden behind an anonymous blog name throwing bombs at innocent people. Hypocrisy is your main agenda. Your actions prove your that your a poliitical crony or hack. People that attend school board meetings knows who speak up for the average tax-payer.
Question for unbelievable? Is bringing out nepotism a slanderous remark?
Remember--(Proverbs 14:32) When calamity comes, the wicked are brought down.

By: momof3 on 3/25/09
unbelievable, you are right on key with every fact. Good Job!
As I have stated before, the Patriot Progress Team did not stand up infront of the people and bash on the Linskey ticket (LIKE GENTLEMEN), they stated one fact and one fact only. The rest of the speeches were about what they plan on doing, what they were for/against and so on.
That is what campaigning is HOUSEWIFE. Not simply saying what the other people are doing wrong or insulting them. I have to say though, the more insults the Lampman ticket makes --the more doors are opening for the Oliveri ticket because finally people are realizing they solely have one thing in mind - making people think Oliveri hired 934098734092384 family members, which of course, is FALSE!

I am very suprised by Linskey throwing such shots at John. That is very inappropriate and I would have never thought of Linskey (SUPPOSABLY a intelligent, always thinking things through sort-of-man) would take such cheap shots. Shame on you, ONCE AGAIN.

"YOUR SCHOOL BOARD TEAM" always seizes to disappoint us.

By: unbelievable on 3/25/09
Buck, no offense taken. Ask your nepotism question of EVERY SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER and CANDIDATE.

If they have an opportunity to help a friend or family member they will. If they say they wouldnt, they are liars!

Raising questions about every line item in the budget is one thing...Pandering in front of the public is cheap, low brow politicing at its worse!

They want to talk about candidates and their family members etc etc, that is more time they spend not concerned about test scores, financial responsibility, and school safety.

Does the Patriot Country Team know you have the habitual propensity to BACK LOSERS! To help them win you should come out for the Progress Team!???

momof3..keep the faith and god bless, "when calamity comes, the wicked get down, eat drink , and become merry" Austin 3:16!

By: housewife on 3/25/09
Momof3 I have some swamp land in Florida you can buy. It is oblivious you believe everything you hear. Lampman, Bartlee , Latona did not mention the Progress team at all during their speeches. Linskey mentioned Rostock, Oliveri and did not mention John A. by name. Rostock with best wishes from Oliveri got on the micophone and insulted Linskey first. I don;t blame Linskey for doing the same. But the difference between Linskey's and Rostocks calms is the Linskey did not lie. If you want the kind of school distict we have now then vote for the Progess team. If you want a better school district then for vote for someone else.

By: housewife on 3/25/09
Hey JonQpublic, I see alot of Political signs for the Linskey team out there. Over 25 and counting. I wonder are you still driving around looking for the Progress teams signs. I have seen ZERO so far.

By: momof3 on 3/25/09
Well housewife, looks like you've been driving around all day too.. but then again you are just a housewife.

By: John on 3/26/09
wow. even in the most local of settings, politics is really dirty! name calling, lies, false accusations, all for the support of one team over another. i mean seriously, just because someone makes a few typing errors doesnt mean they are as dumb as a board. I dont want to have to be the pacifist here, but really? Why cant we all just act civilized? all of the men running for the school board are "men of character" i am sure. some just dont use their heads and think between right and not so right. And housewife, i did see one Progress Team sign at the intersection of the bypass and main street near the valero gas station. just pointing out i saw one. probably a delay at the sign making place. they were on a union break.

By: PittstonMan on 3/26/09
Houswife - It is "OBLIVIOUS" Momof3 believes everything she hears. Lampman, "BARTLEE", Latona did not mention the Progress Team at all during their speeches. Linskey and Rostock's "CALMS" did not lie. If you want a better school district then "FOR VOTE FOR" someone else.


By: housewife on 3/26/09
Momof3 yes, I am JUST a housewife, with 2 young children. I also have a masters degree in Science. I also run a my own home business, and am part owner of a day care center in both Scranton and Hazleton. So I don;t feel I am doing to poorly for JUST a housewife.

By: BibleB on 3/27/09
On the "Culture of Corruption" Television program, sponsored by the Northeastern Penn. Television Station---WVIA--One of the Radio Commentator's asked Terry Best regarding nepotism, because he knew Terry Best was a Pittston Area School Director.
Terry best answered honestly and brilliantly. Also, in this question Kevin Lynn compared nepotism with criminality. Kudos for Terry Best on his truthful answer. This is why we need professionals such as Dr. Ross Latona on the Pittston Area School Board. We need honesty, integrity, morals, and ethics on the Board of Education. Dr. Ross Latona would not sell his soul for a few cafeteria
appointments. Ross Latona is highly educated, a good family man, and a good person. Remember that "Nepotism" violates ethics, in the sense the best qualified people are being passed up. Criminals Conahan--Ciavarella--Sharkey--are gone let us clean house, let us get rid of all the jackals in the political sphere and School Boards. Remember the words of the Old Testament Minor Prophet--Micah.
(Micah 2:1) Woe to those who plan iniquity, to those who plot evil on their beds.

By: traveler on 3/27/09
I view the school last night Buck. It was pretty good. I saw you, you had the hat on. Yes Terry Best was right on with his talk about Nepotism. It diffently has to stop. That is why my family is behind the Linskey\Latona/Lampman/Bratlee. The other team and I am sure they are nice guys but they all have people working in the district and will be voting on contracts that will effect them directly. You see what Oliveri has done with family jobs. It has to stop. I feel that if you vote for the Progress team it will be same old politics. Pittston Area needs a change. Good Luck to all

By: housewife on 3/27/09
Well here is a new one. Rostock is now backing away from the Progress Team. What is up with that. He now is back BLANK, BLANK, BLANK, BLANK. I don;t want to mention their names because you know that would be the kiss of death. I also hear that if Joe Oliveri does lose in May he will resign his seat and his majority will appoint him head of security at PA. That is why they never filled the position as yet. Something to think about.

By: TaxpayerofPA on 3/27/09
Oh boy this site just keeps my spirits up!
In all honestly, housewife, are you sure you have a job? You are the first to quickly respond to everything! Are you being paid to sit on the computer all day and oppose every opinion that goes against what you believe? Are you hiring? I want that job! A master's in science, eh? I sure hope you proofed all of your papers to get you though that degree to run a business... Like PittstonMan said, stupid is as stupid does.. Please don't pass your horrible English to the poor children in your "daycare".

By: momof3 on 3/27/09
Housewife, like many things you stated to have heard before, AGAIN -- that is also FALSE.

Since your SO SMART on politics, you should know that you can not take a position until ONE YEAR after you resign from your seat.
Plus, Oliveri has a full time job he has been working at for over 14 years. Doubt he's looking to do that!

I would love to know your sources, since they seem to be always SO RELIABLE.

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