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Fri, Oct 09, 2015

Court grants realignment, Mecadon will make it official Thur

Court grants realignment, Mecadon will make it official Thur

Jerry Mecadon
   The ten ton of bricks that were lying on Jerry Mecadon’s shoulders was finally lifted after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court finally granted the realignment of the Luzerne County Magisterial Districts.
   As most of you know, Mecadon, who lives in Jenkins Twp may not have been able to run because the Supreme Court has been sitting on the revisions for well over a year.  With that, Mecadon, who has been doing his homework for this race because the county submitted a plan well over a year ago that would have landed Mecadon in the district once held by Fred Pierantoni.
   Next, while Jackie Musto-Carroll has made it known she planned on running, she will most likely step aside.  She was also in the same predicament as Mecadon because she was not originally in the district as well.
   The court ordered the district be realigned as of June 1, 2013.  Keeping that in mind there is still some concern whether Mecadon can run.
   The June 1 date is when the district will be realigned.   Meaning, as of June 1, all matters in Yatesville, Jenkins and Pittston Twp will be heard in Pittston city.
   And, while the election is before June 1, those three towns will be part of the district when a new District Judge takes office and anyone in those three towns has the opportunity to run for the seat.
   Think of it this way.  Remember when they realigned our congressional district?  Congressman Lou Barletta was part of the district when the election took place.  However, the new boundaries took affect January 1.  
   So, while sitting Congressman Tim Holden was not officially in the district at election time, we had the opportunity to vote for him because as of January 1, that district would have been part of the realigned district.
   Finally, Mecadon will be officially announcing his candidacy this coming Thursday. March 7, 6PM to 8PM at the Gramercy in Pittston.

Member Opinions:
By: racinglawyer on 3/2/13
Going to a very interesting race..with a lot of choices

By: Nanteen on 3/2/13
Any particular reason Jackie is "stepping aside"?

And it will only matter if he can run, if he wins. If he does expect a court challenge.

By: brib0 on 3/2/13
Joe, what exactly is Red O'Brien's experience. Is he a lawyer? Did he even go to law school or pass a bar exam. Did he ever hear or try a case? It seems like he just goes from elected position to elected position without any credential except politics? Help me with this please!

By: brib0 on 3/2/13
Oh by the way. Good Luck Mr. Mecadon! We will be voting for you!

By: Ram1 on 3/2/13
I guess all the candidates will be courting Bible Buck Hatchko. Hatchko is a well known powerhouse.It will be interesting who The Buck Master will endorse. He will be watched carefully and will donate at least 5 figures to his candidate. Hatchko is a leader at the South Pittston Social Club. He is responsible for Stanley Rovinski's high vote each election and Bill Gaffney's school board vote.

By: caddyanne on 3/3/13
bribo, you do not have to be a lawyer to become a Magisterial Judge. Look at Diane Malest she is holding that office for years.

By: 570 on 3/4/13
There are plenty of Magistrates throughout Luzerne County who do not have a law degree. In fact, I may be totally off base because I havn't fully researched this, but Joe Carmody might be the only Magisterial Judge who has a law degree. Correct me if i'm wrong because i'd like to know myself. I don't even live in Pittston so i won't be voting for anyone, i'm simply a Facts kinda person.

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