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Sun, Aug 30, 2015

You need to cut WP officials some slack

You need to cut WP officials some slack
OK – everyone in West Pittston needs to step back, take a deep breath and reflect on the past ten months.
   As you may know, FEMA has sent letters to residents who were affected by the flood stating West Pittston could face repeal of further assistance from the agency.  This would include flood insurance which FEMA underwrites.
   First, everyone needs to cut all the officials in town a bit of slack here.  Everyone’s lives were turned upside down including all of the officials in one way or another.
   While technically, officials may have not followed the proper protocol, think about it, they were concerned about getting our town back to normal as quickly as possible.  Now, couple this with their own situation and put yourself in their shoes.
   Keeping this mind, we should all shake their hands and say thank you for a commendable job.  They were all under a tremendous amount of stress.
   Instead of laying blame on our local officials, don’t you think the federal government has some responsibility?  Sure they notified our local officials about compliance issues, but their communication to the flood victims was non existent.
   Please keep in mind they were able to communicate to us that West Pittston was on probation  So why were they not able to communicate this information to inform us as we were drying out?
   Heck, a FEMA rep stopped by my house and did an assessment.  What would have taken to provide us with a flyer that stated what need to be done to be compliant?
   And, remember all the flack officials took when a boro inspector mandated you bring your homes up to code?  
   You all went nuts wanting his head on a platter.
   So, for one minute, don’t give me a song a dance of how West Pittston officials dropped the ball.  
   Not one of you could have done a better job.  Let me say this, if it was me and people were breakin’ my chops this bad, I’d resign and tell you to *&^%^ yourself..  I’ve known these guys my entire life.  They’re not bad guys.  While at times I may take issue with their politics, all are there for the good of the community
   Like I said, next time you see any one of them, shake their hand, say thank you and tell them let’s get through this together.
   Finally, when posting, if you want to throw these guys under the bus, don’t bother.  They will be promptly deleted.  I have just as much skin in the game as anyone.  I want to look to the future, put the wrongs behind us and move forward.

Member Opinions:
By: WA-Alumni on 7/14/12
Amen Joe. Great article and you are absolutely right. God bless America and god bless the flood victims in west Pittston an their families!!

By: Leo001 on 7/14/12
Joe. I agree to s point. In light of the scope and severity of the disaster, the officials in West Pittston did an admirable job of restoring normalcy to our community. And I will be the first to attest as to how difficult it is to get straight and accurate information from FEMA, but what do people do who live in an "A" zone, restored thier homes, (with some spending tens of thousands of dollars) and now being told " the repairs are not compliant". There is plenty of blame to go around, and yes FEMA should have been more active and involved, but the bottom line is many families will spend more money to " meet compliance mandates" as usuall it's the taxpayer and the citizen who will pay for the mistakes made, and lack of accurate information made available.

By: racinglawyer on 7/14/12
On Friday two FEMA officials spent over 1 1/2 hours at our house and they told a different story then the one in the news paper...my and my wife's impression was thst they were trying to calm the air about the news paper article..I went back and read the article and only one person was quoted and it was NOT FEMA NOR ANY WEST PITTSTON OFFICIAL....I learned a lot about FEMA and the fact West Pittston was the only town that got the letter...Wonder Why....Mike Cefalo

By: Nanteen on 7/16/12
What happened happened. Now its time to shape up or else.

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