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Tue, Oct 13, 2015

Only 3 apply for PA open seat, Bratlee good choice

Only 3 apply for PA open seat, Bratlee good choice

Ross Latona, Bob LInksey, The Easter Bunny, Kent Bratlee & Bob Lampman at a rally a few years back
I don’t know how to describe the lack of interest for the opening on the Pittston Area Board
   Disappointed, frustrated, apathetic, surprised,… could all describe that only three  candidates (John Lombardo, Kent Bratlee and Rosa Rocoda) submitted their application to fill Ross Latona’s spot.
   While I’m sure there were many interested, most realized this was a done deal long before the deadline.
   First, many from the politics of the past were hoping for former board member Marty Quinn, but he couldn’t round up the necessary five votes.  At best he had two, Tony Guargilia and Bruce Knick.
   Then there were those who have been trying to land a seat on the board for some time – Bob Lampman and Tony Tuttle.  Both ran last time around and lost.
   These two I’m suspecting didn’t throw their hat in the ring because they knew their chances were slim to none and slim just left the room.
   You’d have to be “hiding under a rock” as Frank Sciabaccuci would say, not to know this was in the in the bag for Kent Bratlee from day one.
   And, that’s not a bad thing.  As I opined last week, Bratlee is a good choice.
   He’s an independent voice that will not be controlled by any political faction which makes me think whom will he align himself in next year’s election.
   As you know, he ran successfully with Bob Linskey and company seven years ago when he beat Tony Rostock’s ticket.
   Linskey’s seat will be up next May and I’m sure there still some allegiance there.
   On the other hand, he was on the short list last year to run on Tony Guariglia’s ticket.
   Realizing the sitting majority has taken quite a few black eyes right out of the chute when they took control, Bratlee will take his seat with caution.  From Bruce Knick’s DUI to the “Shabacle” with the hiring and nepotism policy, you may see Bratlee truly be independent and not align himself with any ticket.
   Knowing Bratlee longer than anyone on the east side, his convictions are more aligned with board members Charlie Sciandra, Joe Kelly, Marilyn Starna and Rich Gorzkowski than that of Tony Guariglia or Bruce Knick whose seat is up next year as well.

Member Opinions:
By: FrankShab on 6/2/12
Joe V. how 'bout a Shabacle occur this Tuesday night at 6pm.
Shabmiracle, that is all the people that are fed up show up at the meeting.
Watch as your money is taken from your wallet/purse and handed over to the PA Royalty. There is no charge to get in. But as you know you've already paid dearly.
This is only the beginning 2.8%
There is a new multi-year teachers contract in the works for this year and you can bet with this being the last contract for many teachers they're gonna ask for a whooper of a deal.Which is usually what they get.
Also you'll have the administrators cheering lustily for the teachers because we all know that when the teachers win big the administrators win bigger
BE Warned They're comin for more
They want apathy, are you going to play ball with them?
WE have to take back our schools. The school boards and legislators have failed us miserably.
They're comin for more
Then join the 2012 School Tax Boycott. The boards and legislators have shown they can't say no. It's up to us to unite and say no.
We have the power. Go to the meeting at 6. You don't have to sign in or speak. Your presence will be deafing to the board.
They don't want you/us there.
It's our time.
As always I remain the self-appointred voice of the voiceless
PSTT,I think I hear them, they're comin for more!
If anybody needs a ride to the meeting or more information on the boycott call me

By: FrankShab on 6/2/12
Best wishes to whomever is annointed err appointed Tuesday.
Sorry I can't help myself.
Joe livin large! Its off to the Nats and Braves right now in DC. My first see of Strassburg and Harper. Simmons debut for the Braves today at shortstop.
Tomorrow too.
So busy now boycott planning and all. I don't know how I had time to work.
Watch the SD tomorrow. The CV said yes to my Letter on Tuesday but backed off Friday.
Won't print it. Somebody(s) must have got to them. They deny it. R dey worried out there,hmmm? Still hoping for the TL too.
But why me I'm only a retired meat cutter on a pension.
C U all at the tax hike magic show on Tuesday.
Watch as your money is taken right out of your wallet/purse as you watch. POOF!
2.8 % hike now
God only knows how much in the fall!
Yep,take back our schools don't pay your school taxes in the fall
Its our turn
voice of the voiceless
Frank Shab
Ding Dong, I hear them, they're comin for more.

By: 4HonestGov on 6/2/12
My vote is for the Easter Bunny. After all wasn't it the GREAT Tony Rostock who said if you believe the above canddiates will be good for Pittston Area, then you must believe in the Easter Bunny.

By: oldmanintheshoe on 6/2/12
If you think that Kent Bratlee will be independent think again. He is close friends with Frank Sernio and that means he is in the same camp with Rostock and the boys. After all who do you think paid for the Schandria, Guargilia, Kelly, Casey campaign? Correct if you say Frank Sernio wrong if you say the Easter Bunnie. Bratlee is no longer in the Linskey camp as well. In his last run for school board he lost and he felt that Linskey was cutting him. Bratlee is another yes man for the boys so nothing is going to change. I wonder if he will have to leave his position as bus driver for the bus company.

By: joker on 6/3/12
Frank Shab you are ruining this website go get your own blog. No one cares about your opinion. You had a government job your whole life. We are all very impressed.

By: FrankShab on 6/3/12
Thank you Mr. Joker. But the credit should go to Joe Valenti he made this all possible.
Back under the rock its not your time. Its time for the adults to debate the tax situation in PA land.
No it was only 25 years with the feds retiring as an Enforcement Investigations and Analysis Officer. 17 years in private industry.
Anyway your a courage-challenged fraddycat. C U at the tax hike meeting on Tuesday.
Your impressed with me? Hmm. I wouldn't my sign my name either.

By: Meaty5 on 6/4/12
"Frank Shab... had a government job your whole life" That pretty much sums up his Credibility. Shab a dabba Doo!

By: FrankShab on 6/4/12
Mr Meaty, you join your cohort above Mr.Joker with bad information. Yeah you guys really showed me.
Back under the rock its not your time.
Two (2) courage-challenged fraddy cats.
You guys/gals keep me going.
Thank you out there for your e-mails in response to yesterday SD ad.
I know for some of you its hard. And guess what, its gonna get harder. But if your fed up first thing is show up at the meeting tomorrow night.
Just sit and observe as the board goes right into your purses/wallets and POOF your money is gone.
I ain't going away.Go wail and grind your teeth.
They're only starting.new contrat this year.
Gotta love the 2012 school tax boycott
Gotta go

PSST I think I hear them,they're comin back for more.

By: Jay on 6/4/12
Enforcement Investigations and Analysis...Meat inspector..17 years private industry..meat cutter..keep trying to shine ####..your like everybody else,and the rock comment..its old and tired,just like you..what happened to your boy..he"s one of the 8 you keep bitching about...the bookies in town have it a million to 1 that you come out from between the book cases...one lest thing..if it wasn"t for your postings on this board..nobody..but nobody would even know who you are..so frankie boy..go back under the rock you came from...and joe,shame on you for playing with this unknown for the sake of a few more post..you ruined your own boarf..i hope it was worth it.

By: FrankShab on 6/4/12
Wow Jay you must really be shook up. You spell like I #####.
Me go under a rock? Cmon Mr. Jay
Joe V. don't you just love this?
A couple of fraddy cats come after me then my son (guess they don't know I have two (2) sons. Gotta be water carriers for the PA Royalty.
Now its onto you.
Joe V. its your fault that I'm so popular?
Popular? Menghia is that what I am? I thought I was bomb thrower?
Hey Mr. Jay back under the rock is that the best you can do?
You just don't have it to compete here. I not only created it, when I say it, I say it better (with gravitas).
Hey what ever happened to your confederate? You know the poor soul that was gonna start the boycott of PT businesses.
I guess he's under the rock.
C U at the Pittston Area tax hike meeting.
Yep long odds for sure but with name-calling fraddy cats like you it just inspires me to keep spreadin the information on the 2012 PA School Tax Boycott.
Me like everybody else? Not a chance I forgot more about integrity than you could hope to garner in your lifetime.
My boy? (Dutzie I presume) We differ politically. Otherwise he and his family are the salt of the earth.
That's what thinking responsible adults do. Keep reading my posts and see how its done.
Aisle lern ya.
The voice of the voiceless

By: Jay on 6/4/12
spelling can be fixed..but you will always be you,and thats bad..a guy that his mouth stsrts at his head and ends at his feet..your just a tired old man that needs a couple laps around a walking track...xoxox and kisses.

By: Jay on 6/5/12
Its here..the meatmans 15 min. of fame..i see it now,the meatman comes from between the book cases,looks at the board,positons his hands in prayer,looks to the heavens,and says..Father,forgive them,for they no not what they do..Joe you created this mess,i just hope you tape it for the unholy mass"s that don"t believe in the meatman..

By: WAwatcher on 6/5/12
why does every blog have to degenerate into shabaster? Please keep the comments related to the story. I'm sick of the punches.

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