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Sat, Oct 10, 2015

Latona makes it official, Kelly appointed VP

   With no fanfare, this week's Pittston Area board meeting went by with little fervor over the resignation of Dr, Ross Latona. He was absent from the meeting, but Superintendent Cosgrove read his letter of resignation to the public.
   In Latona's letter, he cited "personal commitments" as the reason why he was leaving. He also said that he was leaving the district in "able hands", with the leadership of President Guariglia, the administration and the Melone Firm.
   There will be a special meeting on June 5th at 6:00pm to vote on someone to fill the rest of his term. While this motion passed without any question, expect some political wheeling and dealing to go on within the next few weeks to replace Latona. The board also voted to make Joe Kelly the new vice-president.
   The inside scoop is that while they will be advertising for Latona’s replacement, the board has narrowed his replacement to two – Marty Quinn and Kent Bratlee.
   Quinn served previously on the board for decades and has seen is fair share of politics.
   On the other hand, Bratlee was elected as part of the “Fab Four” with Bob Linskey, Joe Oliveri and John John Adonizio and knocked out Tony Rostock and his majority
   We do know Frank “Shab since 1951” has been jockeying for the spot, but we’re not holding our breath considering he is a bomb thrower.

Member Opinions:
By: FrankShab on 5/19/12
Bomb Thrower? John try School Tax Boycott advocate it sounds so much better.
Remember PA taxpayers $4.67 per minute or $6, 667 per day for school debt service. For nothing. Another 2.8% on top of what you didn't like before(there I go again).
Now you mention these two former school board members want another crack at us.
They were part and parcel of what got us in these dire straits.
So TAX Pay Boycott YES
Tax hike on the hoi polloi NO
Gotta go

Bomb Thrower hmmmm
Shab since 1951
OK Sammy G from SPSC

By: Robert007 on 5/19/12
Boy, four (4) days after Dr. Latona resigned and the board has narrowed down it seach already. I guess no one else should put their request in for the opening. Are you kidding me four (4) yes (4) days and the decision has already been made.

Now if that is not a kick in the front of my pants I don't know what is.

I am supporting Tony Tuttle. He is a new face, he has new ideas. He continues to go to school board meetings and is up to date on the issues we are facing now.

Bob lampman
Pittston Twp

By: John on 5/20/12
Shabaego, I mean no offense when I say you really are a bomb thrower, and that's a good thing.

But bomb throwers don't get elected...

Another word of advice: If you were chosen to be on the board, the first thing I would ask is why you so recklessly suggested to jeapordize the education of our youth by staging a "tax boycott". The only thing that would affect(IF it were to work) would be the amount of funding for the future of our children. Now is that a good platform for a potential school board candidate? Maybe we'll have a discussion about this next time I see you at Donut Connection. Until then, I must go back to the important work at hand.

John Lombardo
I'm not in the book

By: Truthsayer on 5/20/12
Kudo's to you Mr Lampman. Well said.

By: FrankShab on 5/20/12
John when I saw you tonight I didn't know you posted this or I would have talked to you about it.
Disagreements? Yep that's what makes the world go round.
Anyway, John there is no way I would but my name in and then walk up before the board and be judged by them. My God John what are you thinking? They put us in this position,and now are going to judge others.
However we all know its going to be a member of the one of the Royal families to get selected.
Anyway if it was an outsider what chance does he/she have 8 to 1? Cmon
No John as constituted we have no chance with this board. The Legislators will not budge either.
However, I have a dream, a wide-spread tax boycott maybe even state-wide would absolutely PANIC the politicans at the state level.
When they (politicans) realize the money flow stops unless their are changes to the stranglehold the teachers union(s) have on the taxpayers,you'd see REFORM at the state level big time.
That's what I hope to accomplish. By the way have the teachers ever struck? No worry about the students then was their John.
It's coming, you see East Stroudsburg close three schools and layoff the teachers and support staff. Not one nickel will they raise taxes.Not around here with the compliant board.
Tax Boycott Yes
Tax Hikes NO
We have to band together and support the boycott.
Its coming. People are fed up.
Frank Sciabacucchi
I'm in the book

By: HntrMahan on 5/21/12
Come on Shabbagoofball, your a tough guy, name those Royal Families. I want names. I bet when those names of the royal families come out you'll see that they employ alot of people in our area and contribute greatly their money and/or time to helping our community. But seriously, lets keep it up, Shab. Lets keep busting their b@lls. That's a good approach. Shabbamoron for School Director !!!!!!

By: Verlander87 on 5/21/12
Why are children always used as a pawn when it comes to talking fiscal responsbility?
John, I pose this question to you: When prospective teachers had to pay bribes to the PA School Board on order to get hired at Pittston Area, did that hurt the children?
Do no bid contracts given to vendors hurt the children?
I'm for the tax boycott. The way I look at it is if I refuse to pay the increase or not pay at all, I'm helping my children because I have more money to provide for their needs, and force a district to act fiscally responsible.

By: John on 5/21/12
Verlander, you must not have been around for a long time, because since the dawn of my involvement with Pittston Area politics, I have stood up for the students. Get your facts straight. Pay to play is not my way. That argument has already been made by me on thi website.

You people aren't looking at the big picture. If you want to change the direction of the school district so badly, then participate in meetings instead of bashing people behind a computer screen. Better yet...run for school board(and please...Google "how to run a politcal campaign" beforehand).

A tax boycott is a BAD idea. It will HURT THE STUDENTS. If you care about them, you'll be a little more sensible in your protests.

John Lombardo

By: FrankShab on 5/21/12
Thank You! Please keep calling me names and thusly represent the PA Royalty.
They must love you a fraddycat calling me names.
Me a tough guy? Cmon your the tough guy. Lets see who has more credibility me or you. People know who I am and what I'm about.
HntrMahan you poor thing. Your a noboby.
You have no credibility.
As I said integrity always wins out.
Please keep it up and the tax boycott grows.
Thanks Mr. Verlander hope others agree with US to withhold school taxes.
The state politicans DREAD the tax withholding and will rush to REFORM the stranglehold the unions have on the taxpayers.
R U a Tiger fan?
Tax Boycott-YES
Tax Hike-NO
let's let them know we aren't going to take it anymore, as we are fed up.
Frank Shab
since 1951

By: Truthsayer on 5/22/12
Joe V. a suggestion. The whole purpose of your blog, yes your blog, is to allow people to voice their opinion or concerns without retaliation from employers, business assoc etc. I am so sick of the people who think they are better than others because they sign their names. Let them start their own blogs rather than call people names who post on yours. My suggestion do not post blogs from the special individuals who think they are so great by signing their names. I do not care who the bloggers are but I like to read viewpoints and other ideas from people who say what they really think without financial or business retaliation from others. Some of these people who put their names on what they write here should be ashamed of their name calling and behavior.

By: HntrMahan on 5/22/12
Don't duck the question. NAME NAMES ! Who are the Royal families !! I'd like to know. Also Shab, where is the Dutz in all your commentary ? I'd hate to be in a foxhole with you.

Secondly, you made reference a bit back about the two folks that were rumored to be in the running for the open seat. You don't want more of the same huh ?? Let me just say Shab, that you couldn't carry Marty Quinn's jock. For all he's done for this school district and this community, your credentials to date would allow you maybe to park Marty's car if he decides to go back on the board.

Finally, John Lombardo...keep it up. Shab probably tells you that you are just a kid. Arm yourself with the facts & research, research, research the issues you are going to take on and then TAKE IT RIGHT TO the guys like Shab. Like I said, it wasn't guys like Shab and his $1.25 breakfast senior citizen crew that founded Apple and Microsoft it was guys like you.

By: FrankShab on 5/22/12
Mr. HuntrMahan nice try. I don't have to name names of the PA Royalty they know who they are. The favored children/relatives/friends who get the jobs.
Please keep calling me names.LMFAO here.Your so easy.
I'll sign my name every time.
Not you alas, because you have repeatedly shown your a courage challenged fraddy cat.
Where's Dutzie? I just got back from breakfast with him.
$1.25 Menghia! With Dutzie I didn't even have to pay that.
I wouldn't identify myself if I was/were who gives a _hit s you either.
The Royalty must love that an impotent anonymous name-caller like you represents them.
Legislators ain't gunna like it when the tax boycott kicks in and the money stops.
THEY DREAD iT!You'll see how fast they capitulate
We'll all see real REFORM to the unions that have a stranglehold over the taxpayers.
The Golden Days are coming to an end.
By the way when can we start the registration drive to change as many folks that aren't happy with these punititve taxes to change parties? I'm ready
The business folks that approached and encouraged me are even madder than the hoi polli. I didn't realize that. Another positive development.
We get some of them to join us. The money really is going to dry up fast.
It's coming. I aint going away.
Tax Boycott NOW's the time
as always I remain
Frank Shab'
since 1951

By: oddmanblue on 5/22/12
Gentleman come on! Shab you make some sense but much to radical, when you put on 50 pounds you can't lose it overnight same with government it takes some time to get things in place.
One of the biggest issues facing PA is leadership and it has none, the superintendent is the weakest the district has seen and by far the weakest in the State.
Ever been at a meeting when question is asked of him, if Lussi is not with him he can't give an answer or make a decision.
Teachers are so fed up with his lack of direction.
Royal family well that is how he got in and people who supported that are crying in their beer Mr. Quinn for one. He has been campaigning through the school on how bad he has because he is being asked to get the job done.
Some one wrote some time ago here that a fish deacys from the head. Time to get rid of this head. Administration and teachers have no respect for him.

By: FrankShab on 5/23/12
Why disparage the Super? he comes from thier very ranks? Who knows what he won't do or do behind the scenes.
I agree he doesn't exactly engender confidence with what I've seen at meetings. Again don't miss the ball. Its up to the board he simply does their bidding?
Like every hire is a reflection of the board.
We've tried and failed miserably, the traditional road of changing the board or going to the legislature.
I have a dream.
Time for a School Tax Boycott to stifle revenue into the district. Spread to other districts. This'll get the attention of the legislators. They DREAD that scenario. Afterall the revenue which is the life blood of atate government.
Then we'll get the REFORM we need to remove this yoke of punitive taxation that has hoisted upon us by the unrelenting strangle hold of the teacher unions.
The Golden Days are gonna end its just a matter fo when.
Enough people have to be disgusted enough and say no. Real easy I'm all in
Another tax hike, then another then another, then another-NO
School Tax Boycott-YES
Frank sciabacucchi
I'm in the book
P.S. Changed my registration too.40 years as a Democrat Not anymore.

By: gaff69 on 5/24/12
Why wouldn't it be so simple as to have the closest voted in person, that didn't win,get the position. That is what people voted for.
Gaffney, of Pringle,Pa

By: Jay on 5/24/12
and the Dems thank you.

By: Eye-in-the-sky on 5/26/12
Gaff, when a candidate loses, it is over. He/She should receive no more consideration than any other citizen.

Shab, your idea of a tax boycott is so stupid, you obviously don't even have a clue as to what you're talking about. If the taxes don't come in, the District goes into default and the credit rating is gone. That would mean no TAN (tax anticipation note) to get the District through the first few months till the tax bills go out. The state would take control and they don't give a hoot what the taxpayers want or can afford. They simply raise taxes to the point of making the school financially sound. Your plan would set we the people back at least 10 years. You are a dangerous man and have no concept of what it takes to run any form of government so you should simply sit back and watch because your ideas are simply stupid .... no, make that profoundly stupid. Joe Valenti does a service to mankind which is to allow people who know nothing have the chance to prove it to the rest of us. If you didn't use so much ink, most of us would never know how pathetic you are. And by the way, if you believe you show such strong courage by signing your posts, then you might want to consider how cowardly it is for you to make claim of a royal family and then refuse to respond to the poster who asks that your name that royal family. Courage? Prove it!

By: Eye-in-the-sky on 5/26/12
Opps, forgot to comment on your praise of the PA Superintendent. He is a total incompetent. He does get the look of a deer staring into the headlights when asked technical questions. As the top man, he should be able to answer any question off the top of his head. The only exception would be with regard to exact financial facts. Remember, the Board started him at a higher salary than his predecessor and then hired to "experts" to teach him the job. That had never been done in the history of the District. Cosgrove is supposed to retire and the Board needs to consider the salary and drop it by a large amount. Just because previous Supers made higher salaries is no reason to maintain the practice. Who would turn down the job if offered $90,000? A COLA every two years and no golden parachute retirement plan such as Wilkes Barre just gave their Namey. The next step would be to offer the remaining big money employees a new salary in line with the new Super's salary with $85,000 being the highest. If they refuse to cooperate, start cutting management positions.

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