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Thu, Aug 27, 2015

Mt Carmel Smoker another hit

Mt Carmel Smoker another hit

Jarrett Ferantino

I can't believe I almost forgot to post the photos and happenings at the Mt Carmel Smoker from Palm Sunday.
   I’m writing this Easter Sunday just after Mass around 1:00PM.
   Anyway, while the Smoker is truly a non political event, politics does manage to work its way into the room.
   First, Jarrett Ferrantino was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  Jarrett is a great orator and said this is nothing compared to what he had to deal with as the new solicitor at Wyoming Area as Board President Frank Cassarella looked on and chuckled.
   Jarrett even gave yours truly and PittstonPolitics.com a plug.
   Sitting Congressman Tim Holden, being courted by none other than Tony Rostock, and his challenger Matt Cartwright were on hand making their rounds.
   I was surprised to only see Bob Linskey and Charlie Sciandra were the only ones in attendance from the Pittston Area board.
   At our table we had a great time with newly elected Luzerne County Judge Mike Vough, Jimmy Zarra, Brian Corcoran and Johnny Terrana along with my two sons Joey and Danny.
   It was also nice to see Danny Argo and Friends provide some great Italian music for all to enjoy
   Finally, Sunday Dispatch Editor Ed Ackerman was the featured speaker and gave an inspiring talk which focused on the importance of “faith”.


Member Opinions:
By: Eye-in-the-sky on 4/8/12
If this wasn't a political event, I would be pushing Jarrett to run for the Pittston area magistrate seat. I don't even know if he lives in the District but there is no doubt that of those mentioned, he is by far the best and that includes those not mentioned yet whoever they are. Run Jarrett run.

It's too bd that the numbskull local politicians don't understand that Holden does not represent what's best for them. He is a Republican in Democrat clothing, that's why he always wins in a Republican distgrict. Stupid, blind wannabe politicians.

By: Ram1 on 4/8/12
You did a great job covering all aspects of the smoker. I've been attending this social for over 20 years when it was St. Rocco's. Danny Argo also performed well.
I must say Thank You it was the best photo coverage, I've seen. A great night to remember.

By: 4HonestGov on 4/9/12
I think Cartwright put Rostock on the payroll to "court" Holden around. Run Tim, run!

By: WAwatcher on 4/9/12
Any girls allowed in this year?

By: bretfavre on 4/12/12
Picture #30.

Did you draw that white halo-like heart around your boyfriend Zarra?

By: oddmanblue on 4/12/12
I didn't see much of the school board this year. Saw Sciandra there with a big group and Lensky was there but sat at a table by himself like he had the plague.

By: Robert_A_Bouie on 4/14/12
Nice story Joe on the great job Jarrett and Ed did at the smoker.

As far as Jarrett's political ambitions, his talents are many, but he would make a great PA attorney general and he would win, especially compared to who's running now.

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