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Thu, Sep 03, 2015

Airport setting for WA's A Plus ticket

Airport setting for WA's A Plus ticket

Joey Screbola gave plane rides
   Something completely different.  That would be the best way to describe Wyoming Area’s A Plus Team’s outing consisting of Estelle Campenni,. Carl Yorina, Beth Gober-Mangan and Mary Louise Degnan.
   Last Sunday the setting was at the Forty Fort Airport where the team had pig roast put on by none other than Barry Hosier’s Barbeque By Barry.
   It was held in the actual hanger where over 125 gathered as friends and family enjoyed each others’ company.
   The highlight of the day was when they raffled off two flights.  Joey Screbola was one of the pilots and my stomach was turning just watching him do rolls and loopty-loops.
   Former West Pittston GOP Chairman Gary DelSerra even made an appearance.  Gary and I sat down and reminisced about old times.  I reminded him he was my mentor in this game and showed me the ropes some 20 years ago.
   Anyway, the four candidates got up and reminded everyone they need support of all four to take control of the board.  Sitting Board member Dr Frank Cassarella got up as well and gave the candidates his support and endorsement.
  Oh yea, I almost forgot – Deanna Farrell who won a double nod made an appearance.

Member Opinions:
By: WestSideVic on 8/28/11
Thanks for the photos Joe, now I know who I am not voting for. A picture is worth a thousand words ...or votes !!!

By: FortheLoveof on 8/30/11
Be very careful Mary Louise, Beth, and Carl. Your "team" may not be as strong as you think. Dr. Campenni claims she is often left out of the loop of what is truly going on at WA, yet she does not always vote for the recommended candidates of the superintendent, curriculum director, high school principal, and high school assistant principal...the people who interact somewhat daily with the teachers and students. Come on Estelle, stop using the excuse that no one tells you what is going on.

By: bretfavre on 8/31/11
Keep the pics of the Doc coming... it's the only reason I tune in anymore Valenti!!

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