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Sat, Oct 10, 2015

Politicos jockeying for LCTA job

Politicos jockeying for LCTA job

Haddock, O'Brien & Petrilla
   There’s been a buzz on the east side this week of who is going to fill the Human Resource Manager’s job for the Luzerne County Transit Authority.
   Two east side names have surfaced along with a sitting county commissioner.
   First, Luzerne County Recorder of Deeds Red O’Brien – this kinda makes sense considering he’ll be out of job come January 2012 once Home Rule is in full swing.  
   Next, Third District Chairman Jim Haddock – we hear he's been looking at landing something down at the county as well.
   Either of these two has a decent shot considering former Pittston Area School Director Standley Strelish is the Executive Director of the LCTA.  Also, east side politicos Sal Licata and Coreen Millazzo are on the LCTA board as well.
   The question remains with Haddock, will Strelish and Millazzo still be salty from the days they sat on the school board with Haddock nearly two decades ago.  Quite often, Haddock, with the assistance of Phil Struzzerri, sat in the minority and constantly threw snowballs at Strelish, Millazzo and their fellow majority members.
   Somehow my crystal ball is telling me Tony Rostock’s fingers are in this somewhere.
   Finally, sitting County Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla could be jockeying for this spot as well.
   Petrilla, like Red, will be out of job come 2012 because of Home Rule.  Politically, she probably has the best shot because she appointed most of the board and its time to call in her chips.
   I’m not exactly sure being the HR director at the LCTA is in the cards for Petrilla though.
   While at Pat Solano’s golf outing, quite a few politicos were speculating she has State Representative Tara Toohill’s seat in her sights.  Please recall we wrote about that a few months ago and Petrilla became quite incensed leaving me a stern voice mail (click here to view the story)

Member Opinions:
By: GeneralTooleBasher on 8/20/11
Mary Anne Petrilla is no Human Resource Director. Mary Anne is a person that needs to just go away permenantly. She is a lousy Commissioner and was a terrible County Controller. She is just a person that wants to be in control. Hey Joe, I bet you get another blistering email from Mary Anne because you didnt check with her first before you posted this information. She is such a terrible person.

By: mgiamber on 8/20/11
Under home rule, multiple independent HR, Contracts, Solicitors, checking accounts etc. are to be consolidated into one office. LCTA HR department will no longer exist.

Unified law office, centralized formal contracting office, Budget and Finance handling all 67+ separately checking accounts, and a centrally managed HR department. Fiefdoms are over.

By: lincolnlawyer on 8/20/11
How does none of the above sound ? We must be able to do better then that bunch!!

By: oldmanintheshoe on 8/21/11
I am with you Lincoln. NONE OF THE ABOVE.
Not one of these people have the qualifications anyway. All political hacks. They should go out and get a job in the private sector and not get jobs because of their political friends.

Mr. Strelish if you have any class at all stay away from these kind of people.

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