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Wed, Sep 02, 2015

Solano hosts golf outing, Gov special guest of honor

Solano hosts golf outing, Gov special guest of honor

Atty Mike Vough, Gov Tom Corbett & Jim Zarra
   For those of you who were fortunate enough to be invited and attend Pat Solano’s old fashion political outings a dozen years ago, you remember what great times they were.
   Well, if I closed my eyes just for a second this past Friday, I would have sworn I was in Pat’s back yard again.
   This time, by invitation only, Solano had a golf tournament held at Blue Ridge Golf course in Mountaintop under a newly formed PAC called The North East Leadership Fund.
   Of course, Solano’s special guest of honor was Governor Tom Corbett who hobnobbed and posed for photo ops with attendees.
   At about 4:00 all on course were treated to an air show put on by our own Joey Screbola who flew and performed aeronautic acrobatics in a World War II fighter plane over the course.  Of course this was in honor of Pat’s service to our country where he served as a fighter pilot
  There were too many to mention by name but I did snap quite a few photos so you’ll get an idea of those in attendance. 
   It should be noted Solano was accompanied by his close confidants Bobby Tamber and Leo Vergnetti.
   Finally, kudos goes out to Jimmy Zarra and Harry Blaskiewicz who helped organize this event. 
   Both these guys stay way under the radar.  But both are the “go to” guys if you want something from the state as both are the only guys who are truly “one degree of separation” from the governor’s office.  And, both are Democrats.  Keeping that in mind, my advice to anyone is stay on the good side of them and to steal a line from the Godfather, "All family business will be settled."
   Finally, I had the pleasure of playing golf with former County Commissioner Tommy Makowski, the soon to be Honorable Mike Vough and Dan Guydish of Hazleton.  Jim Zarra tagged along, acted as our caddy and showed us the “Pre-Roll” routine.  We took second place and Makowski loved us cuz he never had to get out his cart.
   Makowski and I spent much of the day reminiscing of the good ole days with Joey “I” Infantino.

Member Opinions:
By: flynomore111 on 8/13/11
As you are apt to do, you are imcorrect in your piece. The "fighter" was actually a ww2 trainer called an SNJ . It was the navy version of an army air force a/c called an AT6 , which I trained on. Pat was not a "fighter pilot" . He had a far more dangerous MOS. He was a flight engineer / gunner on a B17 .

By: Walter on 8/14/11

By: GeneralTooleBasher on 8/14/11
I see more Democrats at this function than I do Republicans..C Mon Pat are you for the party or for yourself

By: lincolnlawyer on 8/15/11
This must be a Republican PAC and if so why is Senator Yudichak giving money and support to this republican PAC ??? I hope this comes back and bites him on the #@%$ !!!!!!

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