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Fri, Sep 04, 2015

Zangre announces for Pittston City Council

   Barb Zangre a PRO-Pittston,  Progressive Democratic Candidate for City Council would like to invite Pittstonians down to her Primary campaign headquarters at 14 South Main Street, Pittston, PA .Visits can be scheduled if no one is available by calling  or texting her at 5705406328 or e-mailing her at barb4pittston@aol.com, Barb is also on Facebook. Barb will  be available Saturdays from 10:30 -1:30 in our Parks starting Sat. May 7th at Riverfront Park- please join us starting at 8AM for a City cleanup day on the Riverfront, and Sat , May 14th up at Cosgrove Park on Market Street from here we can overlook our little city and discuss her future. These are your opportunities to let your voice be heard.  
   Barb has a passion for Pittston, and would love the opportunity to serve Pittstonians for the next 4 years. Barb has been employed in the hospitality industry for 28 years and is very comfortable serving people.  She believes that our city council members and all elected officials are servants of the people. BARB will pledge half of her yearly salary to buy playground equipment, this means IF you elect her, after her 4 year term at least 4 Pittston parks will have some new playground areas, most now have nothing or very little. She will start in 2012 with Sullivan Park, our fabulous Little League facility. In the meantime she invites everyone to enjoy Jefferson Park on New Street in the Junction which the Lion’s Club did a beautiful job creating. She was there last Saturday, a beautiful day and was disappointed to see no children playing.
   Barb believes that the quality of life in our fine city could be greatly enhanced with a few projects. Barb understands the problems we face in our city and has several projects she would like to present to the constituents for their approval and ideas. She is very interested in listening to ideas from all Pittstonians.  Our citizens deserve a city that embraces the quality of life.  Traditionally Pittston has been the HUB of NEPA, the time has come to restore that status. All projects considered will be funded by foundations and possible grants. Projects include a Community Center/Center for the Arts, a dog park ,a Made in America Mini-mall including a Piazza (stone parks like in Italy with benches, great open space to relax and enjoy your city), a victory garden (with space for a least 20 families to raise their own veggies.), safe  parks with security and playground equipment . Barb has put together a Hub project that will restore and revitalize 5 historical buildings. Some of the projects will generate income for our city all others create quality of life. Although we have the advantage of the riverfront and beautiful landscape, we are landlocked and need to come up with creative ways to generate income for our city’s prosperity; my ideas provide city income upon implementation.  Outlets for creativity are necessary to keep ourselves healthy and happy. The time has come for the restoration and revitalization of Pittston, PA.
   Barb believes success comes from unity, creating coalitions and cooperation and looks forward to working with our new City Manager, City Clerk and other City Council members to create a successful plan that will not burden the taxpayer, but instead generate City revenue. We have enough burdens in the City with our sewer project. Barb requested a debate and is very disappointed that her 5 opponents had no desire to participate.
   Barb has a plan for Cosgrove Park and possibly the pool. She has done the research and believes the pool can  not only be restored, but go solar, be heated and be opened year round, with morning activities for seniors, afternoon  youth activities  and a lap area always available. Jumbo slides could be installed.  The City has ideas for a spray park, which would work out nicely. A skate-bike park has been proposed and a neighboring borough has equipment available if the City wishes. She also has ideas on how this park including our fabulous swimming pool, could not only financially sustain itself, and possibly generate income.  Since insurance has always been a financial burden, Barb has a bracelet program designed that will greatly reduce the liability issues for our city parks and projects. She believes we all need to be part of the solution in our community
   Barb has a passion for Pittston. Although not born here, Barb Zangre was born and raised  in the heart of our great nation,  KCMO. In 1985 while driving through the State during a snow storm, Barb gazed upon the star of Bethlehem PA and knew in her heart that she wanted to spend the rest of her life in PA, because America starts here. Pittston became her home in 2003 and after sharing so many memories of this great little city with my customers over the years not only is Pittston City her home, but daily she embraces the possibilities for  our future, she envisions Pittston as a shining star by 2020.  Barb is all about Democracy and standing up and speaking out for our freedoms in America. 
   Barb is a born leader and motivator and not afraid to speak up and out for what she believes in. She is a true believer in Democracy, a leader in the Progressive Democratic movement. Progress through the voice of the people. The daughter of a Mayor (Raytown, MO). Granddad was also  Mayor  (Lake Lotawana, MO.)  She continues to this day to stand up for the rights for the unions and working families Barb is quite comfortable challenging and working with City Hall. Her Granddad was the first President of the AFL-CIO in Kansas City, MO. She continues daily to stand up for union rights and the rights of working families. Solidarity Forever! Raised in a Scouting family and  a first class Girl Scout ( her Dad served the Boy scouts for over 65 years). Following her parental footsteps Barb is very concerned  with Parks and recreation, and feels since she has resided in Pittston our parks and quality of life have been overlooked. She also attends Parks and Recreation Seminars provided by Pa’s Parks Association and works with the Susquehanna Rails and Trails program. She works with many coalitions to protect and preserve our natural resources especially our water. Our city need to take a deeper look into the problems in the Mill Street area, and the suffering of our citizens there.
   Although Barb is active on a Statewide and National level to implement positive change, her political aspirations now and in the future are only for Pittston City. She is also a member of the Lithuanian Club.’ the American Legion Auxiliary , Citizens in Action, and Pets for Pawsitive Change , Democracy in America, and works with many statewide and national groups to protect our our freedoms and quality of life.   Please consider electing Barb Zangre on Tuesday May17, 2011 and allow her to become a positive part of the solution for Pittston’ s future. Barb is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She has a pledge that Pittston will again be NEPA’s shining star by 2020, please give her the voice on city council to take steps to realize that dream.

Member Opinions:
By: bretfavre on 5/7/11
The only thing I care about is the following statement:

"Although we have the advantage of the riverfront and beautiful landscape, we are landlocked and need to come up with creative ways to generate income for our city’s prosperity; my ideas provide city income upon implementation."

Why didn't you list those ideas instead of Utopian dreams? People are struggling and don't care about parks, its all about the Benjamins.

By: SusieQ on 5/8/11

By: MadammVP on 5/9/11
I was calling and the line was busy all day. did you get my texts?

By: SusieQ on 5/10/11
Joe - I would really love to see a debate between Ms. Zangre and Danny Argo. It would be reminiscent of Bush vs. Benson, 2 political dynamos dualing it out. It would be brain vs. brain, out in front and on the line. Would love to hear their thoughts on new tax codes, actuarial studies, Seal Team 6, civil engineering, etc.

Please, for the sake of Pittston City, get this done! Even it is post election, would still be topical.

By: barb4pittston on 5/11/11
Utopia is Heaven, When I say the Lord's prayer I pray in Pittston as it is is heaven. This wonderful city traditionally was the HUB of NEPA. I have a HUB project, which is foundation funded, restores 5 historical buildings, and generates income back into the city. I invite Pittstonians on down to 14 S Main this Thursday between 10-3 to find out just how wonder this city could be, and share your visions.I always respond to texts, and my phone never is busy it goes to voicemail.

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