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Wed, Apr 01, 2015

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Sciandra lands seat on LCTA Board

PA Board member Charlie Sciandra
Sciandra lands seat on LCTA Board
   First Jim Zarra gets appointed to the sanitary board, now Pittston Area Board member Charlie Sciandra gets appointed to the Luzerne County Transit Authority (LCTA) Board.
   And, like Zarra who recently got appointed, I was completely in the dark about Sciandra’s appointment considering Charlie and I are first cousins.
   I was actually quite surprised he got it because the Luzerne County Council is the one who makes the appointment and they can’t agree what to have for lunch let alone make an appointment to the LCTA.
Keeping in mind that Sciandra has only been in this game for just a few short years, and his political tentacles don’t reach much outside of Greater Pittston Read More ...
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McCabe withdraws from WA race, Degnan may run as Independent

Mary Louise Degnan
McCabe withdraws from WA race, Degnan may run as Independent
There were a few long faces with the airport gang this past week when Joe McCabe withdrew from the Wyoming Area School Board race citing personal reasons for his decision.
   That leaves the airport crew with no candidates to support in the primary.
   As written a few weeks ago, Bob Trusavage has filed, however, I’m told he’s isolated himself from the airport crew. We have heard, and I find it hard to believe, that sitting Board President Estelle Campenni is courting him to run on her ticket. Read More ...
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Announcements & Events
Announcements & Events
Luzerne County Council Candidate Tony Roxtock will host a “Meet the Candidate” on Monday, April 13th at Stir Night Club and Bar 41 S Main St., in downtown Wilkes Barre. From 6pm to 9pm.  Food and drinks will be provided. Read More ...