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Fri, Aug 29, 2014

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PA Union Prez questions timing and initials of job posting

Tom Rome
PA Union Prez questions timing and initials of job posting
by Tom Rome
   I posed a question regarding the legality of a job posting without the knowledge of Superintendent Michael Garzella. A response was made to this question by Human Resources Manager Kevin Booth stating that he had completed the job posting, but had done so in an organic process and that his actions were finalized due to limited time constraints and in the name of saving the district money.
   This is a complete falsehood in regards to cost cutting, the raise alone that newly appointed supervisor Kenneth Bangs will receive compared to what a union team lead taking the position is a difference of approximately $6,500.00 not in the districts favor. Read More ...
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Is WA Board "The Good ole Gals Club?"

Yochem, Farrell, Degnan, Mangan-Gober, Campenni & Serino
Is WA Board "The Good ole Gals Club?"
   While it has been fairly quiet on the West Side, there are some rumblings questioning the motives of the five gals on the board – Estelle Campenni, Deanna Farrell, Beth Gober-Mangan, Kim Yochem, and Mary Louise Degnan. 
   Oh yea, add the new District Super Janet Serino into the mix.
You see, some are saying it’s no longer “The good ole boys club.” Now they’re saying “the good ole gals clubs.”
   First they hire Janet Serino as the District Super without doing a search
   Next, the board passed on John Pollard for the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a female who was not even an employee of the district. Read More ...
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