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Wed, Apr 16, 2014

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Wyoming Area "Labor" Board arbitrator rules in favor of "Labor"

Atty Jack Dean
Wyoming Area "Labor" Board arbitrator rules in favor of "Labor"
   So, Wyoming Area PSEA lead negotiator John Holland was high fiving the rank and file of the union after the arbitrator came back with its ruling in favor of the union.
   This got me thinking. The arbitrator is governed and appointed by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. The key word there is “labor.”
   Now, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Read More ...
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Pittston Area Board does the hop
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  Considering its Holy Week, I thought I’d have a little fun.  You might think the Pittston Area Board has been infighting, but don’t be fooled.  As you can see they’re one harmonious family dancing to the hop.  Soon to be at a theater near you

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Dem Gov candidates' message:  Corbett hates kids

Jack Smiles
Dem Gov candidates' message: Corbett hates kids
   All the candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor have this same message:
   “Gov Corbett hates kids and teachers because he made devastating cuts to education. Really, he ripped the books right out of their little hands and paid their teachers less than his gardner. He hates education. But he likes gas. He likes gas so much he breathes it at night so he can sleep.
   “So we’re going to tax the dirty evil Corbett-loving gas companies till their wells bleed and then we’re going to give the gas millions to the teachers union and the next thing you know we’ve got a generation of Doogie Howsers. Swear to God.” Read More ...
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Spring Blogfest set for April 25th
Spring Blogfest set for April 25th
   It’s that time of year again.  Spring Blogfest 2014 will be held Friday, April 25th at the Red Mill on Main Street in Pittston.
   While there are no local elections, we will probably see some statewide candidates on hand.  This past fall we saw Lenient Governor candidates in attendance. Read More ...
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