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Sat, Mar 28, 2015

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Zarra knows his shit, replaces Oprendik on sewer board

Zarra & Oprendik
Zarra knows his shit, replaces Oprendik on sewer board
  If there is one thing about Jim Zarra, he knows his shit and how to flush it down a toilet. Oh, yea, he’s pretty good at blowing things up as well.
   At this past week’s Pittston City Council meeting, in a surprise move, council ousted the city’s Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority’s (WVSA) representative Joe Oprendik and plopped in Jim Zarra.
   Wow, this column could actually be fun with all the puns.
   And, believe it or not, as close friends as I am with Zarra, I didn’t even know.
   Over the years, Zarra and I discussed some of the hires at the sewer authority and the politics behind it. Most times it left us both scratching our head. Read More ...
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Letter writer takes exception to Campenni

WA Board Prez Estelle Campenni
Letter writer takes exception to Campenni
   EDITOR’S NOTE: The following appeared as a letter to the editor in The Citizens’ Voice this past week. I thought it was worth sharing.
   This is in response to school director Estelle Campenni’s demand that taxpayers need to be more positive. Wyoming Area taxpayers can look forward to rising property taxes three out of four years. Campenni wanted Wyoming Area to go above the state tax index and strap taxpayers with a 3.9 percent tax increase. The other members of the board rejected her request. Local financial wizard John Pegg explained to Campenni how to lower taxes in last year’s budget but his pleas feel on deaf ears. Read More ...
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