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Thu, Dec 18, 2014


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Who's on first at Pittston Area?

Guariglia, Sciandra & Kelley
Who's on first at Pittston Area?
  Remember the classic Abbot and Costello skit “Who’s on first?”
   Well, trying to follow that is like trying to follow who is in the minority and majority at Pittston Area. And, it’s as comedic as well.
   Back when I first started attending Pittston Area Board meetings I was having a tough time deciphering the minority and majority. 
   At one meeting in particular, former board member Eddie Hobbs, who we lost a few years back, was sitting next to me. I turned to him and asked, “How many factions are there?”
   In typical Eddie fashion he turned to me, chuckled and just simply said, “nine.” Read More ...
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Top Cop race in Luzerne County shaping up

Pedri, Salavantis & Musto
Top Cop race in Luzerne County shaping up
   One of the most interesting races to watch this spring will be for District Attorney.
   Four years ago Stephanie Salavantis beat sitting DA Jackie Musto. Salavantis spent in excess of 300 grand and unseated Musto who was seeking another term.
   Many thought it was a fluke because Salavantis used the “Kids for Cash” scandal as her main issue.
   Fast forward to now. 
   Over the past couple of years, Assistant District Attorney Dave Pedri has made it well known of his intentions to seek the top cop spot in the county. Pedri is from Hazleton and has been making quite a few inroads in Greater Pittston. Read More ...
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