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Mon, Apr 21, 2014

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Spring Blogfest this Friday
Spring Blogfest this Friday
   It’s that time of year again.  Spring Blogfest 2014 will be held Friday, April 25th at the Red Mill on Main Street in Pittston.
   While there are no local elections, we will probably see some statewide candidates on hand.  This past fall we saw Lenient Governor candidates in attendance. Read More ...
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As usual, Mt Carmel Smoker a great time

Danny Argo & Friends
As usual, Mt Carmel Smoker a great time

   One of the highlights of Holy week is the annual Mt Carmel Smoker which my two sons and I attend every year.
   And, while this is truly a non-political event, politics sure does make its way through the room
   Our own Congressman, Matt Cartwright was on hand with Lieutenant Governor Candidate Congressman Mark Critz. Cartwright was working the room like a pro with Critz by his side. We had a spirited discussion about Obama Care and how I felt it was age discriminatory. Matt, being the polished politician that he is, didn’t take exception to my concern. Instead, he asked that I get him more information and he’d look into it.
Jerry Mecadon was also going table to table and introducing Cartwright and company.


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Pittston Area Board lunch policy reeks of hypocracy

Board Pres. Tony Guariglia
Pittston Area Board lunch policy reeks of hypocracy
   The Pittston Area majority really took it on the chin this past we with an editorial which appeared in the Citizens’ Voice (click here to view). And, rightfully so.
   I know those in the majority – Tony Guariglia, Bruce Knick, John Adonizio, Kent Bratley, Casey Donahue and Marty Quinn are probably not too happy with me with the recent articles I’ve posted here.
   In fact, Marty Quinn grabbed at the Mount Carmel Smoker this past week and expressed his discontent. 
This is a classic example of “Do as I say, not as I do” and smacks of hypocrisy. And, as long if a policy is in the best interest for anyone for in the board majority, then they’re good with it. Read More ...
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WA parent takes exception to WA teachers

WAEA Union Pres Melissa Doleman
WA parent takes exception to WA teachers

EDITOR’S NOTE: Most of you know how I feel about the ongoing Wyoming Area contract dispute so I won’t rehash it this week again. Instead, below is a Facebook post from my good friend Jim Rose who has a child who wants to graduate on time. He posted it when the teachers decided to interrupt the education of the students with yet another strike!

Dear WAEA: 
   You've won! You've won in your obvious efforts to intimidate your students by walking the picket line in front of the secondary center where the seniors are to be taught by the administrators of the district. You've won in your efforts to ensure that the graduating seniors will be behind their counterparts from other school districts. You've won in your efforts to prove to taxpayers, parents and, most importantly, your students, that our children’s needs are secondary to your demands

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