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Mon, Sep 01, 2014


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Bolin gets sworn in, Bonin's feathers were ruffled

Judge Tom Burke & Carl Bolin
Bolin gets sworn in, Bonin's feathers were ruffled
   Well, it was official this past week. John Bolin’s brother, Carmen, was sworn in as a Wyoming Area Board member.
   John passed away this past spring after a long battle with cancer.
    While I have never met Carmen, I have heard nothing but praise.
    Before Carmen was appointed, there was jockeying for the slot and some thought the board majority was going to pass on him.
   After the appointment I wrote the following in my analysis: “Over the last week there was quite a bit of jockeying behind the scenes to appoint Bonin, however, those lobbying on his behalf could not come up with five votes.” Read More ...
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The inside baseball with Donovan case at PA

Attys Joe Saporito & Bill Vinsko
The inside baseball with Donovan case at PA
   The dust has settled a bit on the Janet Donovan lawsuit. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an initial dust up.
   Behind the scenes the board majority were thumping their chests in the back room. 
First, let me be clear, this is not a First Amendment lawsuit. Donovan is claiming she was demoted and was not afforded due process.
   Here is a portion of the suit that kinda sums up her position: “On August 14, 2012, at the same PASD Board of Education Meeting, without advanced warning, notice or hearing for Donovan, the Defendants voted to remove Donovan as the " Principal in Charge of Curriculum for Grades through Kindergarten  Read More ...


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